goStrap Brings Freedom

In the leadup to today’s technological demands and now more than ever, cellphones and mobile devices in general have for better or worse, become the center of our lives. As a direct result of this phenomenon, mobile devices have practically become an evolutionary extension of our hands. As such, our hands have been rendered less effective for having to juggle the demands inherent in multitasking mobile device management.

goStrap remedies this problem with a simple product, crafted with high quality materials, that besides preventing costly drops, gives you back the use of your hand! Whether holding your coffee, corralling your kids, or grappling with all that your hands can carry, goStrap offers freedom from encumbrance. So if you’re tired of the limited utility and discomfort of iRing and Popsocket, then let goStrap, a product we know you will love, handle it for you!

goStrap, the next evolutionary step in mobile device management.

Hold your phone, and your coffee

goStrap: Don't Sacrifice Grip for Functionality

Caution: Beware of Imitation

goStrap was first to retail market for our unique idea, which allows users to maintain the usability of their hands while keeping their phone secure. Owing to our unique take on mobile device management accessories, we have been imitated far and wide by cheap knock-offs that use hot- glueing for the straps instead of our patented, hand-stitched fastening method. The only way to verify that your goStrap is the real deal, is by going through this website or any of our trusted partners.

Although we're flattered, really.

goStrap: A Product You Can Hang On To