goStrap Brings Freedom

Over the years, cell phones have become the center of our lives, allowing us to bring communication, information, and leisure everywhere we travel. As they have become ever more important, we have lost the use of one hand, reserved for our swiping and tapping needs. goStrap conquers this technological reservation with a simple product, crafted with high quality materials, that gives you the use of your hand back. Whether you're drinking your coffee, or corralling your kids for yet another errand, you can keep your phone in your hand, while your hand tends to more important matters. Whether you're looking for a handle for your phone, or are tired of the insecurity of popsockets, a goStrap is the next step of evolution in cell phone accessories.

Hold your phone, and your coffee

goStrap: For The Professionals

Caution: Beware of Imitation

goStrap was first in market for our unique idea to allow users to maintain the mobility of their hands, while keeping their phone secure. Due to our unique take on phone holding accessories, we have been imitated far and wide by cheap knock-offs that use glue for the straps, or elastic bands incorrectly stitched. The only way to verify that your goStrap is the real deal, is by going through this website.

Although we're flattered, really.

goStrap: A Product You Can Hang On To