About goStrap

goStrap came about in response to the need of being able to reclaim the use of your hand, while still keeping your data in reach. Upon reaching the market, goStrap quickly began leading the way in regards to consumer care, ensuring our products lasted longer than all competitors. It was this specific quality that brings owners of goStrap to inform their friends and family as to the new age ergonomics and agility that goStrap offers. We're proud to be
the product you can hang on to.

goStrap is the newest adaptation of cell phone holders, allowing users to manipulate objects while holding their phones

Reclaim the hand

About Inventasaurus, Inc

Inventasaurus is a New York based inventor

Inventasaurus, Inc has been in business in New York City since 2012. Inventasaurus, at its highest aspiration, is to be a churn for good ideas as well as maintaining an eye towards the continuing mission: to do our part in cultivating a useful and consumer-oriented marketplace.

Not a fashion accessory.